Little Big Town added a few furry band members recently when they performed on Sesame Street, teaming up with the iconic muppets for a tune about the magic of instruments.

The folky song, “I Is for Instruments,” shows young viewers just how different instruments can be, but that’s what makes them great. Little Big Town are seen hanging out on a farm with a dream-like atmosphere, jamming out with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby, who join in with instruments of their own along the way. Even Grover stops by in an attempt to be a one-man band. All four members looked to be genuinely enjoying themselves, beaming as they sing — and who wouldn’t be, getting a chance to play with the legendary Street crew?

Sure, Little Big Town’s harmonies and vocals were spot-on as usual, but the real star was Cookie Monster, who has apparently been hiding his saxophone skills all these years. Check out his solo as well as the rest of the adorable (and catchy) song above.

The country band is currently on tour, including some remaining dates at the Ryman as part of their recently-extended residency there, and a stop at a Nashville Predators playoff game April 30 to sing the National Anthem. Not only is their schedule packed with performances, but LBT just launched their Boondocks collection, which includes tote bags, jewelry, mugs, journals and more. Member Kimberly Schlapman also just announced a line of kitchen goods.

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