Everyday millions of Americans get out of bed and head off to the workplace, but some peoples place of employment can be very stressful, signs you might not be in the ideal work environment.

I know work can actually suck sometimes but if its stressing you out so much that you’re panic stricken, it might be time to make some changes in your life.


I am fortunate that I work in a great environment doing something that I really love, and I’m not saying that I don’t get stressed from time to time, but I have developed a good work to life balance.


The Business Insider website posted an article about work life balance that I thought was really good, it says that people stress out about work during their off-work time that it often ruins their weekend and puts them in a state of severe depression.


Some of the things you have to ask yourself is

  • Do I really like this job and can I make myself happy doing it everyday year upon year?
  • Do I like my co-workers and can I work alongside them?
  • Am I getting paid enough money for the job I am doing and is it enough to live on?
  • Do I like and respect my boss and does he or she appreciate me enough tom give me raises and maybe a promotion over the years?


  • If you’re so stressed at work its making you non-productive
  • If you’re complaining about everything
  • If you find your job is turning you into someone you don’t want to be.


It is probably time for a change.


Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has an exercise in which he says take two minutes and in that time write down everything you have always wanted to do or be on a piece of paper. When the times is up read through the list and you’ll probably get a few ideas about some new directions for you

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