CHEAP FOOD. I love cheap food.

I love never paying full price. I love McDonald's.

This deal is insane and one of the craziest life hacks out there.

All you need to do is download the McDonald's app wait.

McDonald's is discounting their sandwiches down to a dollar everyday through the end of September.

When you download the McDonald's app you'll be prompted to check out their "deals" section. You'll receive a coupon and notification alerting you on what that day's deal is. The deal is A $1 SANDWICH EVERY DAY!

Literally all of McDonald's sandwiches are being discounted, except for their Signature Crafted Sandwiches and Double Quarter Pounders with cheese.

Big Macs, McChickens, double cheeseburgers etc. your imagination can run wild. The choices are endless.

You can scan these coupons at the restaurant or apply them to your mobile order. This promotion runs all the way through September 30th.

In summary: You receive a coupon for a $1 sandwich every single day until the end of September. This is wild!


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