Do you remember after September 11th when our first responders were such heroes? We couldn’t praise them enough because they were the ones running in when everyone else was running out. How things have changed.

Instead of recognizing our police, fire, EMTs and other first responders, as of late, this country has lost sight of so many of the good things these individuals do for our communities and instead, people are quick to spew hate and point fingers.

Not my family. Not now and not ever. My husband comes from a family of first responders and I have nothing but respect for the things they do to help and enhance the world around them. I think that it's pretty special that even though our son is just a little guy and doesn't fully understand what his grandparents, aunts, and uncles do, he is fascinated with firemen and firetrucks. And so, to show support for the men and women who give so much of themselves, and because our son will be thrilled to see firetrucks, he and my husband will be visiting the Vestal Fire Safety Expo this Saturday, October 6th and I'm hoping you and your family are able to stop by, too!

The Vestal Fire Safety Expo is free to attend and will take place in the Vestal Lowes parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is your opportunity to thank those who genuinely sacrifice so much to protect and serve the world around us and educate your little ones.

In addition to first responders from the Vestal Fire Department, Vestal Police Department and several other departments, there will also be safety demonstrations, the Broome County Kids Safety Trailer Sparky the fire dog and much more.

[via Town of Vestal]