One lawmaker out of New York City wants to double the tax on beer in New York State.

I caught this posted by Channel 7 abc out of Buffalo, because a bill has already been written.  Harvey Epstein of the New York Assembly has sponsored Bill Number A8915 to double the tax on beer.

The reason? Well according to the post the revenue from the increased tax could go towards education.  Apparently, doubling the tax on beer (from 14 cents to 30 cents per gallon) would generate a potential $51 million.  That money is proposed to go to the City University of New York and the State University of New York.

If the bill is passed (which I feel like could be a stretch, if you've ever gone to the official state site, there are so many bills proposed and only a few make it through), it would go into effect Spring of 2021.  Now, it doesn't seem like a huge jump in tax price, but nonetheless, it is an increase.  So to the beer drinkers- what are your thoughts on this?  You can read more here.


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