Lauren Alaina and her duet partner Jon Pardi are on the lam from the law in the new music video for "Getting Over Him," the title track off of Alaina's most recent EP and a collaboration between the two artists and longtime friends.

Things start out with a bang as they rob a barbecue joint and take off down a back road in a cherry-red sports car, with vintage cop cars on their tail. Alaina and Pardi make being the bad guys look like fun: Pardi is rocking a snakeskin blazer and shades as Alaina wears leopard print tights, a cowboy hat and long red nails that deliver glitz and glamor throughout the high-speed chase.

But no joyride can last forever, and just like Bonnie and Clyde before them, Alaina and Pardi eventually get found out in their hideout spot in a country motel. Pardi gets taken in by the cops, but it seems like Alaina might have eluded capture yet again: In the final shot, she's driving away into the night, a duffel bag of cash riding shotgun.

Alaina co-wrote "Getting Over Him" with fellow songwriters Paul DiGiovanni and Emily Weisband, and the song tells the story of getting over heartbreak with a little help from the guy who's got a reputation as a good rebound. Pardi plays the song's "getting over him guy," who's more than happy to help the brokenhearted Alaina get over an ex who did her wrong.

The two artists previously teamed up for "Don't Blame It on Whiskey," a track on Pardi's Heartache Medication.

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