We all have that one person that we either forgot about or didn't know we were exchanging gifts with and we now have to scramble to figure out a good gift.

Maybe that's not the case but here is a list of last minute Christmas gifts for the country music fan.

  • Country Classic guitar book which includes songs from Johnny Cash that you can pick up on Amazon HERE
  • Maybe a candle with their favorite country star on it HERE
  • Merle Haggard's autobiography HERE
  • Vinyl albums, they are making a comeback and can be purchased almost anywhere you can buy cd's.
  • Pour Myselff A Cup Of Ambition Wine Glass from the Dolly Parton moive 9 to 5 HERE
  • Loretta Lynn's cookbook of her favorites HERE
  • Music.  Music is always good, even if you don't know their favorite artists, get a certificate for them to buy songs or albums of their own.
  • Tickets.  Concert tickets are ALWAYS good.  Bethal Woods has great specials for the upcoming concert season.

Good luck and happy shopping.

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