You've probably heard that ladybugs are good luck. You might have even believed that if a ladybug lands on you, that you should count the spots to see how many years of good luck you'll have. You might have even sung that Frank Sinatra classic "Love Be A Lady...Bug." Ok, that last one is definitely fake news.

I know that my daughters get excited when a ladybug lands on their bedroom window because luck is coming their way. With all the recent warmer weather (for this time of year), you may have seen these Ladybugs/Lady Beetles.

But wait a minute, is it really a ladybug? Instead of the red and black colored ladybug/beetle that we all love, it could be an Asian Lady Beetle. So what's the difference and why should I care? Great question.

The Difference Between The Lady Bug And The Asian Lady Beetle

They look about the same and are from the same insect family but they don't act the same. The Asian lady beetle is bigger but that's hard to tell if they're not together. The ladybug is bright red while the Asian lady beetle is red or orange.

The easiest way to tell them apart is by their head. Most ladybugs have a black head with small white markings. The Asian lady beetle will likely have a small, dark mark that looks like an M or W on the white area behind the head.

Is The Asian Lady Beetle Poisonous?

The Ladybug is round while the Asian lady beetle is longer and the snout is more pointed. The Asian Lady Beetle is not a welcome guest in your home because they could bite you. They aren't considered poisonous but they can irritate your skin.

The ladybug will usually shelter in outdoor locations while the Asian lady beetle will try to find a warmer place like your house. They can also smell bad and leave yellow smears on your paint.

As it continues to get colder, they will be looking for a warmer place to stay like your home. They could come inside through your doors or windows. They could even catch a ride inside on your clothes or even a crack in your foundation.

The Asian Lady Beetle is considered a pest while the lovely Ladybug is not. You may want to keep an eye out for the Asian Lady Beetle this weekend as the temperatures will be in the 40 during the day and falling into the 30s at night.

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