In another example of "you never know what you're gonna see in New York," a man dressed as a medieval knight was spotted walking down Vestal Parkway.

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As you can see, this gentleman is taking a casual stroll down Vestal Parkway dressed like an extra on Game of Thrones. He was also carrying a flag that said "Knights of America" which may be an organization or his own personal club with just one other member who apparently forgot his renaissance outfit for this casual stroll.

I can only imagine what this guy is getting up to dressed like that. Last time I checked, Vestal Parkway and the greater Binghamton area are dragon free right now. But if I come across any in the future, at least I can rest assured knowing there's somebody in the Binghamton area that can slay it for me and keep the villagers safe. I'm not sure if a customized flag is really the best weapon for dragon-slaying but he does look like the kind of guy who at least has a plastic broadsword lying around the house.

Also let's take a moment to give some credit to this gentleman. He couldn't have known that somebody driving by was recording him and yet still he marched with his flag held high. It's safe to assume that he carried the flag like that for a good portion of his walk, if not the entire thing. That takes stamina and determination. And those are the qualities I'm looking for in the knight responsible for protecting my community from dragons. And credit to his buddy behind him for sticking with him even though he must have known everyone was staring at them.

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