2021 was a year to experiment. With the world still somewhat shut down, people learned new crafts that they’d always wanted to try but hadn’t had the time to do so until they were forced to slow down their lives.

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2021 was the year that people took on big projects such as building dream decks that they’d not had time to do so until time was all they had (remember when the price of lumber soared)?

My husband and I have always been game for kitchen gadgets but there were so many we didn’t know about until mediums such as TikTok brought them to the forefront. For Christmas this year, my husband’s gift theme was kitchen gadgets and I loaded him up with everything from a knock-off uncrustables maker to a special spatula/tong thing that we don’t know how we lived without before.

We weren’t the only ones who tried new things in the kitchen – a lot of people decided 2021 would be a great year to do more cooking at home and bring out their inner chef.

Google searches for kitchen gadgets jumped in 2021 and a company named Suerty First decided to take a look at the Google analytics and compile a list of the most searched for kitchen gadgets in each state. Apparently, New Yorkers aren’t all about throwing caution to the wind and trying unusual kitchen gadgets.

Out of all the amazing and unique gadgets available, the most searched for gadget by New Yorkers were ice cube trays. Kind of boring, right? We can only imagine our neighbors I Pennsylvania must have been doing a lot of baking (or making mashed potatoes) because their most Googled gadget was a cordless hand mixer).

Which states searched for the most unique or fun gadgets? In Connecticut they were all about sushi makers and in Montana, a lot of hot dogs must have been eaten because their most Googled kitchen gadget was a hot dog toaster.

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