I am a planner. Sure, things haven't always gone the way I planned or envisioned them to and I've been able to modify things, but this whole coronavirus pandemic has thrown my ability to modify life plans into a frenzy.

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My five-year-old son starts kindergarten this fall and I've been stocking up on random school supplies for over a year (with enough now to last for years) but have never had a formal list. As a planner, I need a list but here we are in a still mostly shut down world where we know that school is going to happen, but we don't have a clear picture of how or when we just know it will be soon.

Whether you'll be sending your child to school, educating them at home through school-provided online resources, or you're going to homeschool, you're probably wondering what the basic supplies are that you'll need for your brand new kindergartener if you've not yet received a school supply list. Especially if you're a planner like I am.

These are some items that you can buy right now, even if you don't yet have a school supply list, and you can rest assured you won't be wasting money because your kindergartener will absolutely use these items at some point during the school year.