My mother has a very creative way to get us to confess to a lie, I’ll tell you about it in this blog.

Do your kids lie to you? OK let me re-phrase that, do your kids breath in oxygen? The answer to both is yes.

Kids realize early on that Mommy and Daddy can't read minds and they can say things that aren't true and get away with it.

The first lies are usually ones of denial and they can't start as early as two years of age

By the time kids reach 4 years old they're really starting to get the hang of telling tales, and not just to their parents.

When children reach school age they learn how to build up a lie by developing follow up answers to questions designed to expose their guilt.

My mother had a great gimmick to get us to confess when we were young kids, she had an old pair of sunglasses stashed in one of the kitchen drawers, and she told us they were lie detector glasses, that could tell if we were lying.

All she had to do was say alright I’m getting the glasses out and we would generally cave and confess to our crime.

I have mentioned this to my mother many times and it always brings a few laughs and just shows that kids can be gullible.

Would kids today believe that a pair of sunglasses can tell if you’re lying? Give a try the next time you think your kids are trying top pull one over on you.

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