Kelsea Ballerini is so excited about her next album project that she just couldn't wait to share some more details with fans. The singer hopped on TikTok for a Q&A, and while some of her responses were more enigmatic than others, she dropped some exciting details about what lays in store.

Perhaps the biggest reveal came in response to a question about when Ballerini is planning to put out her next album.

"It's hard to say but if I had to pick a month ... um ... yeah," she answers, as the camera zooms in on her necklace, which bears the symbol for the Virgo astrological sign.

Virgo represents the span of time between August 23-September 22, meaning that Ballerini's album will likely arrive in September, or perhaps late August. The singer's astrological sign is also Virgo — her birthday is Sept. 12.

In another clip, Ballerini elaborates on some of the metaphors behind the imagery in her music video for "Heartfirst," the lead single off the project, while another answer details some of the '90s influences behind the project as a whole. But one of the most intriguing — and least straightforward — moments from the Q&A came in response to one fan's question about whether or not a new single will be out soon.

"Not no," Ballerini beins, after mulling over the question. "Not yes, but not no. It's ... not after this time next week."

While her answer doesn't entirely clear things up, it does seem safe to say that the next release off her new album isn't too far in the future — and even hints that fans could have new music to look forward to within a matter of weeks.

After a fan asks her if she had a new album coming up, Ballerini responds with a clear affirmative. In fact, it's the fact that the album is so close to being ready that makes her so eager to talk about it.

"I've been super hesitant to share anything before it's super ready, because things have just been so subject to change the last few years," she reflects. "But it's ready. So, more soon."

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