Kelsea Ballerini noticed something that felt familiar when she watched the latest commercial for The Voice. Wait ... is Kelly Clarkson making fun of her?

The Voice dropped a tongue-in-cheek commercial during the 2018 Super Bowl that features coaches Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson poking fun at country cliches like front porch sittin,' bales of hay and sipping grandma's lemonade.

But Ballerini couldn't help but think the "really, really, really long fabric train" Clarkson sports — and sings about — in the commercial is similar to the extravagant train she donned in the video for her hit song, "Peter Pan."

"If you’re gonna get made fun of, better hope it's by the Queen," Ballerini writes on Twitter.

It turns out the similarity was just a coincidence, at least for Clarkson. The pop-country singer was quick to respond that she never saw Ballerini's video, but admits she does see the similarities between the two shots, though the imagery wasn't her idea.

"Okay I swear I never saw that video," Clarkson says. "I’m dying laughing because it does appear as if we were poking fun at you."

"You’re my girl! I would have at least told you beforehand," she adds with a laughing face.

Clarkson will make her debut as a The Voice coach when Season 14 premieres on Feb. 26. She describes herself as a cross between Shelton and former American Idol judge Simon Cowell, citing Shelton's investment in his artists and Cowell's ability to give constructive criticism as the qualities she's aiming for as a judge.

"I’m constructive because it would be impossible for me not to be, if you know my mother. I grew up with constructive criticism. And it made me a better human," Clarkson tells Us Weekly. "I’m just saying I think that I’m incapable of not giving criticism constructively. So I think that’s like Simon."

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