Your birthday is meant to be spent with your friends, and Jennifer Aniston did just that. On Sunday (February 11), the actress celebrated her 49th birthday with fellow Friends star, Courteney Cox, along with a group of close gal pals at Cox's Malibu, California estate.

Actress Mandy Ingber shared a photo on Instagram, writing, "Thanks @aleenkeshishian for posting this shot of these incredible women. We love our Jen. Magical Malibu day!"

Actress Andrea Bendewald, who also attended the low-key festivities, posted an awesome throwback photo of her and Jen. "Happy Birthday to my best friend, twin from another mother, soul sister of the ages. Friends since we were 14 and still growing and learning together," she wrote. "You make the world a better place and life so much more enjoyable and a fun ride. Grateful for you everyday and in every way. #bestfriend #forever."

Speaking of friends, is a reunion in the stars for Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross? According to Aniston, "anything is a possibility." Earlier this month, she told Ellen Degeneres that if George Clooney could get married, anything is truly possible.

The question was raised after David Schwimmer voiced his doubts on Megyn Kelly Today. Needless to say, we're Team Rachel on this one!

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