"Back when that song was a song I could sing along without thinkin bout you every time it came on. Every beat, every line, every word, every time."

I don't know a single grown person who can't relate to those lines.  We all have someone in our lives that we think of when a certain song comes on the radio. If we close our eyes, it's almost like we can smell them. We can feel their touch. We're taken back to the time we shared with them, whether it be good or bad.

I think the biggest reason that I love Keith and Miranda's "We were Us," beside the beautiful blending of their voices and catchy beat, is the lyrics that I can relate to on such a personal level. Tell me that these words don't take you back to when you were younger: " I just close my eyes and you're ridin shotgun. You and me, baby, on the run." Exactly.

Friday night, Keith and Miranda released the official music video for "We Were Us" through Keith's Facebook page.  Take a look, but more importantly, take a listen:

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