This is not about politics or even if you’re a Trump supporter or not, we all know he’s said some stupid things, but how far do you go with this?

I never discuss politics and I won’t start now, but let’s address the nonpolitical Elephant in the room, which is the recent picture posted by comedian Kathy Griffin holding up a fake bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.

I may not have always voted for the candidates that became president, but I have always shown respect for the position and I think that’s were Kathy crossed the line.

Comedy is subjective and sometimes dark, but this may have been too much for many Americans as ridicule swept through the grapevine, causes mass canceling of her upcoming performances and a possible FBI investigation.

I think the reason this caused such ridicule was the actions of the mock beheading of our nation’s leader.

Jim Carrey came to Griffin’s defense and said something like comedians are always crossing the line, but we have seen such much terrorism in this world, and beheadings of innocent victims that it just wasn’t in good taste.

Griffin publicly apologized for her actions. but did say she felt bullied by the Trump family.

I guess you have to take your own stance on this, but I still say it was the wrong thing to do here, and Kathy Griffin will have to face the consequences of her poor judgment.

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