With "Buy Dirt," Jordan Davis shows that he doesn't subscribe to a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" theory of life. His new collaboration with Luke Bryan is a sharp pivot away from the mostly fancy-free, melodic, uptempo hits he's delivered to radio over four years.

The time is right for change. While "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" proved he's a perfectly capable storyteller and balladeer, but "Buy Dirt" sticks better to the soul. Credit Paul DiGiovanni (something we're saying a lot these days) for a humble arrangement that allows the words to paint a full picture of country life and sagacity. Above all else, the song feels real from Davis' lips, which helps make it real to the rest of us.

Bryan's participation will make the song an attractive add for programmers, making it a faster-rising radio hit for Davis. It recalls his own "Drink a Beer" or other songs that find the hitmaker in that sweet, nostalgic place he visits on occasion. "Buy Dirt" would work just fine as a solo effort, however, and likely will when Davis performs it live on the Buy Dirt Tour this fall.

Did You Know?: Jordan wrote this song with his brother, country singer and songwriter Jacob Davis. Josh Jenkins and Matt Jenkins are the other two writers.

MCA Nashville
MCA Nashville

Jordan Davis (Feat. Luke Bryan)'s "Buy Dirt" Lyrics: 

A few days before he turned 80 / He was sittin' out back in a rocker / He said What you been up to lately / I told him, Chasing a dollar / And in between sips of coffee / He poured this wisdom out / Said, If you want my two cents on making a dollar count.

Buy dirt / Find the one you can't live without / Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground / Do what you love but call it work / And throw a little money in the plate at church / Send your prayers up and your roots down deep / Add a few limbs to your family tree / And watch their pencil marks / And the grass in the yard all grow up / 'Cause the truth about it is / It all goes by real quick / You can't buy happiness / But you can buy dirt.

Luke Bryan:
Before you get caught on that ladder / Let me tell you what it's all about / Find you a few things that matter / That you can put a fence around / And then he laid it out.

Repeat Chorus

And thank the good Lord for it / 'Cause He ain't makin' any more of it.

Repeat Chorus

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