Being that I am a huge fan of campers, RV's, travel trailers or whatever you want to call them, this caught my eye recently. The Press and Sun-Bulletin reports that a resident of Johnson City recently towed his travel trailer to a New York town just off Lake Erie.

The intention, and it's an awesome one, was to loan for free, his travel trailer as a temporary home for a nursing home nurse. According to The Press and Sun-Bulletin, Mark Hoskins and his daughter took the over three hour drive to the town of Lake View which is a few miles south of Buffalo.

The Press and Sun-Bulletin Notes:

(Mark) Hoskins drove through snow and ice to deliver the trailer. Once arrived, he set it up and then took the three-and-a-half-hour journey back home.

The camping world is proud of that selfless effort from  Mark and his daughter. It's one thing to haul a travel trailer long distances, and it's a bit harder dealing with the elements such as snow and ice.

This is just one more example of how the pandemic is bringing people together even as we all continue to experience the uneasiness of these times.

[via The Press and Sun-Bulletin]

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