Joe Nichols has revealed the details of his upcoming tenth studio album. The baritone country singer will release Never Gets Old in July.

The album's lead single and title song reflects the core of the album, which is very much in keeping with Nichols' firmly traditional roots. Never Gets Old features songs written by Chris Stapleton, Zach Crowell and Shane Minor among other top Nashville songwriters, with standout tracks including "We All Carry Something," which a press release describes as "a soaring tribute to the human experience."

"I’d Sing About You" features traditional pedal steel and a sing-along feel, while the light-hearted "Diamonds Make Babies" balances out some of the more serious themes of the album. So does a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" that features comedian Darren Knight. Nichols has been playing the song in a country shuffle arrangement in his live shows and has recorded it for Never Gets Old.

Joe Nichols' New Song Is the Real Deal

Nichols is proud that he's continuing to carry the torch forward for traditional country music.

"I tried to round this album out with what my first album is like," he told us before taking the stage at the Taste of Country Music Festival earlier in June. "I’m really proud of how country the label allowed me to be and at the end of the day I’m really excited to see what the fans think of the country album."

Never Gets Old is due out July 28 from BBR Music Group/Red Bow Records. It is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Joe Nichols, Never Gets Old Track Listing:

1. “Diamonds Make Babies”
2. “Girl in the Song”
3. “We All Carry Something”
4. “I’d Sing About You”
5. “Breathless”
6. “Tall Boys”
7. “Hostage”
8. “Never Gets Old”
9. “Billy Graham’s Bible”
10. “So You’re Saying”
11. “This Side of the River”
12. “Baby Got Back” (feat. Darren Knight)

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