Its the week of the Super Bowl, and quite frankly, maybe the longest week of my life. So, on this Monday I give you my jams to get you through the work week.

The theme this week is brand new country music. January 19th was a banner day for up and coming country stars, and they didn't disappoint. Devin Dawson released his brand new album Dark Horse and it rocks. I have given it a listen from cover to cover, and I don't think there is bad jam. The album starts with today's jam: "Dip." Devin has a distinct and unique tone to his voice, and the funky guitar behind him in this song just accentuates that. "Dip" has a little country R&B feel to it.

January 19th also so the release of LANCO's much anticipated album Hallelujah Nights. There song "Troublemaker" has an old school vibe to it, reminds me of a Dwight Yoakam tune. The whole band yells in the background right before the chorus, making this jam and instant sing along.

Since I mentioned Dwight Yoakam above, it's only fair he be my throwback jam of the week. "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere" is just a nice, easy listening country tune. Enjoy!

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