When you think about it, song interpretation is such a beautiful thing. The fact that a single song can carry so much meaning and sometimes different variants of meaning from person to person makes the power of a song extra special.

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There have been many times in my life when I've heard a song and been unable to contain the feelings bursting inside of me as a result of it. I've called a friend or a family member to beg them to listen to the song and they've had a completely different reaction than I have. Music truly has the power to speak on an individual level.

Michael Wilson Hardy, known professionally as Hardy, is an amazingly talented lyricist who wrote "Up Down" by Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line's songs "Simple" and "Talk You Out of It", "God's Country" by Blake Shelton, and Jameson Rogers totally relatable debut single, "Some Girls."

But Hardy's best work to date, in my opinion, is the song that he recorded with Lauren Alaina and Devon Dawson called "One Beer." With a title like that, it might be easy to assume the song is just another in the long list of bro-country-type songs, but in reality, it is anything but.

I'd heard the song dozens of times on the radio and liked it, but it wasn't until I saw the music video that the pieces all came together and I fell in love with "One Beer."  I viewed the song as the story of how a single beer led to shattered life dreams and a shotgun wedding, however, the twist at the end was that the unplanned child was proof that each of us has purposed in life (I won't give away what he did, you'll have to watch the video) and that even when it feels like we might be sucked into the swamp, beautiful things can still grow.

My husband, on the other hand, watched the video and his interpretation was that as the lead female in the video was holding a pregnancy test in her hand, she had a foretelling dream sequence which gave her a view of her future and what amazing things her unplanned child would grow up to do, leading to her deciding to keep her baby.

I'd love to know what your interpretation of this video is after you watch it, so feel free to send me an email and let me know.

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