Luke Bryan’s brand-new album “What Makes You Country” dropped last Friday, and I have given a few listens through. One of my favorite cuts of the album is “Drinking Again.” This song is basically  a long list of excuses to keep on drinking and keeping the party going. I particularly relate to him saying “put it on my card.” I’m always about continuing the party!


My next jam this week is newcomer Brandon Lay. His tune “Speakers, Bleachers, and Preachers,” is incredibly relatable. This song discusses all the aspects of Lay’s life and how they shaped him. We all remember driving around with the radio blasting as kids on our way to those Friday nights under the lights, and the people who taught us how to live the right life. I also love how the lead instrument on this song is a simple acoustic guitar.


My pick for a throwback this week is none other than Brooks & Dunn with “Brand New Man.” Brooks & Dunn rock and this is my favorite song by them. Its so good it doesn’t need an elaborate description, I just like taking it for what it is: a classic.


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