Jason Aldean's wife Brittany has shared the latest glimpses of the couple's currently-in-construction dream house...and while we all knew this abode was going to be far beyond anyone's wildest dreams, Brittany upped the ante with some truly stunning peeks at the pool area on Tuesday (Sept. 3).

Brittany panned about with her phone to show off an expanse of land that is apparently going to be just your average backyard pool, displaying all the goods on her Instagram stories. "To explain the pool a little bit to you guys, we're going to do a beach entry, with lawn chairs," she noted, adding with a pan towards Jason wandering about a cement cylinder: "That circle he's at, it's a tiki bar."

The pool seems to be where Jason gets to exercise his rights in terms of the overall construction. "From the top right corner of the house, all around, about where Jason is at right now, is going to be a 60-foot water slide," Brittany reveals. "Because my husband is a child at heart. And he really wants a water slide. So what Daddy wants, Daddy gets!"

Hey, there's no doubt Jason works hard enough to deserve all of these luxuries. He's currently out on the road, and after battling a nasty bout of the stomach flu that caused him to forgo a headlining date over the weekend, will hopefully be back in fighting form Sept. 5 for a scheduled show in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

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