She's a favorite right now on the new season of Dancing With The Stars, but watching Jana Kramer dance week after week, you can't help but feel sorry for her and wonder what is going through her mind during those grueling rehearsals and live TV competition.

The new issue of US Weekly covers Jana's rocky marriage to NFL tight end Michael Caussin with the cover story "Married to a Sex Addict."  In the article Jana talks about how it took her a long time to trust again after two divorces and calling off an engagement in 2013.

Jana tells US Weekly that in the beginning Michael was a great listener, "we communicated really well and we have so much fun.  It just works."  Together the couple welcomed a baby girl in to the world.  Baby Jolie was born January 31st.

The article goes on to describe how Michael cheated on her with multiple women.  The final straw came this summer when a friend told the 'I Got The Boy' singer, that he cheated on her one more time with a paid escort.

The separation was announced last month on Instagram with a clip of Jana singing the Carrie Underwood hit, 'Before He Cheats.'

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