Four hometowns across New York State, including one place in the Hudson Valley, make the "best" pizza in America.

Where can you get the best pizza in New York State? That's, of course, debated across the Empire State.

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Everyone has their favorite pizza joint. Pizzello just released the results of study regarding "The 250 Best Cities In America For Pizza."

"We recently ran a study to uncover the best which towns and cities across America the best pizzas can be ordered from," Pizzelo states.

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New York State Home To 4 Of The Best Pizza Hometowns In America

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Four hometowns in the Empire State made Pizzelo's list, including the number one spot! Below are the four hometowns in New York that made the list.

New York State Home To 4 Of The Best Pizza Hometowns In America

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Yonkers, Schenectady, Syracuse, New York City Make List

The list was created based on Google Review scores, according to Pizzello.

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The company certainly knows pizza. Pizzelo has over 20 years of experience building restaurant-grade pizza ovens, according to the company.

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"Pizzello wasn't officially established until 2016, when we decided to take our 20 years of experience building restaurant-grade pizza ovens for the most demanding pizza connoisseurs to the backyards of all pizza lovers," the company states on its website. "The best pizza doesn't have to come from a fancy pizzeria. Join us and discover the world of artisan pizza!"

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