For those that enjoy the fall season, the Empire State truly has it all.

You can travel to any location across Upstate New York, from the Adirondacks to Niagara Falls, and see some of the most incredible natural beauty anywhere in the country. As always, you can also travel to some of the state's bigger cities, but not have to deal with the sweltering heat while being there.

A recently-released study acknowledged how great a visit to New York can be during the fall season, but also ranked state above NY in its rankings system. Which state was named No. 1?

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Study: New York is the Second-Best State to Visit in the Fall; Which State Was No. 1?

A study done by the folks at LawnStarter examined the best states to visit during the fall season, and New York was ranked as the second-best state to visit out of every state in the country.

The only state that beat the Empire State? California, according to their rankings.

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The study ranked each state, out of 50, in four different criteria: fall scenery, outdoor recreation, entertainment and safety. Based on how high, or low, a state was ranked in each of those criteria, it was assigned a numeric score. The scores were then averaged, and each state was given an overall rank based on their averaged "final score".

New York was ranked No. 1 for fall scenery, No. 4 for outdoor recreation, No. 4 for entertainment, but finished 33rd overall in the safety rankings.


Here are the top ten states to visit during the fall, according to LawnStarter, and where New York fits into their final rankings:

  1. California (63.86)
  2. New York (56.77)
  3. Washington (55.14)
  4. Michigan (51.13)
  5. Pennsylvania (47.87)
  6. Vermont (47.10)
  7. Oregon (46.49)
  8. Colorado (46.24)
  9. Minnesota (44.88)
  10. Maine (44.47)

Louisiana was considered the least desirable state to visit during the fall season, with an 11.79 final score.

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