Landing on the moon was one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th century. But some of it didn't look that way to the people watching the footage that didn't make the news.

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Now before you watch this, I feel compelled to remind you that these were some of the smartest and most professional people on the planet. They accomplished something that even 100 years ago would have seemed like a pipe dream. They deserve nothing but absolute, unequivocal respect for that. But...

This is objectively one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Look at them. Going where no human has ever gone before in the name of science. They look like a bunch of toddlers on their first trip to the trampoline park. 238,855 miles away with Earth in the rearview mirror, the best and most daring scientists in the world. And they need to do bunny hops to keep moving without falling down.

In their defense, if you put me on another celestial body with less gravity in an oversized space suit, I'd probably have a tough time walking too. I'd have an even tougher time containing my laughter for long enough to do the actual science that I was sent to the moon to do. And I'd have the toughest time if I was sitting in the control room safe on earth trying to keep it together while watching the greatest achievement of my life unfold before my eyes.

A truly incredible accomplishment for humanity that only gets better when you see how it really went down on the surface of the moon.

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