In a press release on Thursday, New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced that she would be taking action against distributors of ghost gun parts in New York.

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Attorney General James announced that she had filed a motion for preliminary injunction against companies that sold and delivered illegal ghost gun parts to undercover investigators in New York. "Ghost guns" are firearms that are built from different parts, making them extremely difficult for authorities to track.

The motion filed by Attorney General James is part of a lawsuit against companies that sold and shipped unfinished frames and receivers to undercover investigators in New York, and that investigation revealed that those companies had sent thousands of similar items to individuals who later committed violent crimes.

In her press release, Attorney General James said "We cannot and will not allow our children and our communities to continue to live in fear that their school, parade, or grocery store will be next. Today, we are taking serious action to immediately stop these companies from illegally selling and bringing these dangerous ghost gun parts into New York."

This action comes on the heels of increased gun control legislature passed in New York following the United States Supreme Court decision that ruled New York's concealed carry laws were unconstitutional. In response, New York lawmakers passed a number of laws to limit the places where firearms could be carried, including "sensitive targets" like hospitals and schools and in any business unless that business posted signage explicitly welcoming concealed carry weapons.

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