It's the biggest party time of the year. Well, for me it used to be. Going out to the most popular nightclub in town, ringing in the new year with friends and co-workers (we were mostly working at the bar with a huge promotion on New Year's Eve), and staying until we were kicked out at 3 am.

Those were the days. Now, it's sitting in front of the television and falling asleep by 10 pm. Comes with age I suppose. My wife and I will usually buy some appetizers and watch one of the network specials until we can no longer deal with it, and switched to watching a movie.

I don't know how all those people survive spending the evening at Times Square in New York City to watch the ball drop. You've got to get there early, there is no access to a bathroom and you can't leave your designated area as far as I know for security reasons, plus it's cold. Well, good for them. I guess it's one of those things you need to do once in your lifetime, although I'll pass.

So, what are you planning, or how are you celebrating New Year's Eve as we kick 2022 to the curb and welcome in an uncertain 2023? I asked that question on social media. Many are staying home, some working, and some sleeping when 2023 arrives.

Here are some of the interesting responses I got back:

  • Mo N. - Early dinner at Little Venice and then home!
  • Renee M. - I've always preferred to stay home.
  • Carolyn L. - Sunday or with friends and then who knows!
  • Mary C. - 1st night in Windsor.
  • Tara L. - Probably an after out, then making a great dinner at home w/ a bonfire.
  • Alex L. - Having a nice dinner and staying home.
  • Randy D. - Come home from work, eat dinner, set the alarm for 11:57, fall asleep, wake up when the alarm goes off, stay awake long enough for the countdown, wish my wife and son Happy New Year, fall back to sleep.
  • Casey G. - Cruising. First time.
  • Sarah S. - We stay home make all of our favorite snacks and ring in the new year in our cozy jammies as a family!!
  • Suzanne F. - Bottle of wine and some dam good music. Ring in 2023.
  • Ken H. - Watching football.
  • Carolyn H. - People stay awake past 10?
  • Randy D. - Come home from work, eat dinner, set the alarm for 11:57, stay awake long enough for the countdown, wish my wife and son Happy New Year, fall back to sleep.
  • Suzanne F. - Bottle of wine and some dam good music....Ring in 2023.
  • Shannon K. - I have some pet-sitting clients booked, then coming home to watch the ball drop with the hubsters, our toddler and dogs.
  • Shane J. - I’ll be watching hockey.
  • Ann B. - Playing Fortnite and drinking in a hotel.
  • Robin B. - Never been a fan of going out on New Year's Eve....people just get stupid drunk....I'll be spending it with my Grandies this year.
  • David N. - Home.
  • Lucinda S. - Staying in. It’s gonna be really, really cold. Will stay to ring the new year in tho!!
  • Ken H. - Watching Georgia-Ohio State.
  • Dale A. - Definitely staying home. Have the grandkids overnight!! No interest in going out whatsoever!
  • Darcie C. - Work both new year's Eve and day so nope not going out besides that just leads to trouble.
  • David S. - This year watching Kelsea Ballerini.
  • Josh G. - I go to First Night.
  • Kimberley S. - I will be at work.
  • Missy A. - Definitely don't care about going out, I don't even stay up anymore.
  • Jon V. - Stay home much less off a crowd there.
  • Roxie B. - Hope to stay awake until midnight!!!
  • Steve H. - Hope to pickin' and / or singin', somewhere.
  • Nikki A. - Early dinner...then home to play cards with family.
  • Sharon B. - Couch and tv.
  • Douglas C. - I hope to be asleep shortly after 10 PM that night.
  • Melinda M.- Home.
  • Kathy D. - Buffet at home.
  • Joanne S. - Sleep.
  • Christopher S. - Work.
  • Jennifer M. - Sleeeeep.
  • Linda D. - Staying home and eating brownies.
  • Jackie D. - We definitely stay home.
  • Chris R. - Stay home.
  • Mary W. - Staying home most likely.
  • Shane J. - I’ll be watching hockey.
  • David N. - Home.
  • Roxie B. - Hope to stay awake until midnight!!!
  • Nicole G. - One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
  • Colleen N. - The Twilight movies. And The Outsiders.
  • Kandie B. - Home. Safe from idiotic drunk drivers.
  • Natalie M. - We make homemade egg rolls every New Year's Eve and stay in and watch a movie.

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