Aren't you just loving the spring weather we've been blessed with so far? Sure, we had a freeze warning this week, but hopefully al that is behind us, and the planting season can can begin in full force now or at least by the Memorial Day weekend.

Summer is just a bit over a month away, but there have been years around this time that summer, and even spring felt like it would never arrive. We have been reminded of this fact from the National Weather Service in Binghamton.

On the National Weather Service Facebook page, May 18th 2002, we received measurable snowfall. According to Extreme Weather Watch, on that date, we received 1.7 inches of snow. And on May 18th, 1973, we received 0.7 inches of snow. The day before that, (May 17th, the records show one inch of snow.

Fortunately, this year will not upset our trek through the spring season with snow. Well, I should never say never. Had we experienced precipitation earlier this week, it probably would have resulted in snowfall.

And speaking of snowfall, how did Binghamton fare with the 2023 Golden Snowball Award? Well, the final numbers are not yet in, but as of May 10th, 2023, the count shows Buffalo was ahead of the pack with 133.6 inches of snow for the winter season, followed by Syracuse with 65.6, Binghamton coming in at third place with 61.5 inches of snow, Albany at 55 inches and Rochester with 50.4 inches of snowfall.

It's interesting note that from the Golden Snowball Award website that on average, Syracuse receives 127.8 inches of snow, making this year's total at half of their normal number. Same for Rochester with a normal season of 102 inches.

Buffalo was the only city who hen far above their average, and that is in part due to the massive snowfall the city received on December 23rd and 24th. What a nasty storm that was. At least 44 people perished in Niagara and Erie Counties.

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