In late October of 2023, Ganesh Ramsaran was back in court where he was handed a new sentence after admitting guilt to the murder of his wife Jennifer. In this multi part series, we'll explore the events leading up to the recent sentencing, as well as all of the strange twists and turns the case presented. Part 3 can be found here

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As far as this case goes, it would be silly to think it would just end with a whisper after the bribery fiasco. In October of 2022 there was one more shocking twist to behold. A Chenango County Judge ordered a new trial for Remy Ramsaran, and attorney deception on the part of his former lawyer was cited as the cause.

Remy's attorney, Gilberto Garcia, and his wife Mary Ann Kricko, according to the judge committed "blatant dishonesty" during the initial murder trial. In a 17 page decision by Hon. Frank Revoir Jr. details of how Garcia misled Remy and his father, who is not a native English speaker were detailed. Ultimately, Garcia fudged his full experience in the area of criminal law.

Garcia also billed Remy more than $120,000 over the course of the initial murder trial while violating ethics standards and not providing some kind of retainer agreement. Because of this information, and the judge's decision, a new trial was ordered.

On October 26th, 2023, Remy pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter. Finally, a small bit of closure for the family as Remy admitted that he had a hand in Jennifer's death. Ben Bergman, a special prosecutor from Broome County said that the plea pointed to the true details surrounding the case. He had consulted with Jennifer's family for approval before moving forward with the plea deal. Remy Ramsaran was handed a new sentence of 22 years.

While the acceptance of a reduced charge meant Remy admitted his involvement in Jennifer's death, the exact details surrounding the plea bargain incident were not disclosed in the initial reporting.

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