Taylor Swift cheered for maybe-boyfriend Travis Kelce alongside his mom, Donna, on Sunday (Sept. 24), so the two women had plenty of time to get to know one another.

On his podcast, the NFL-er revealed if they left fast friends, or if he'll have to walk a fine line between them.

  • Swift turned up for Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs as they played the Chicago Bears on Sunday in Kansas City.
  • Fox television cameras focused on the pop megastar throughout the game, which was a blowout Chiefs win.
  • Swift's reaction to Kelce scoring a touchdown was particularly memorable.

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Kelce and his brother Jason (a center for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles) host the New Heights podcast. That's where rumors that Kelce and Swift could be dating began after he opened up about trying to pass her his phone number via a friendship bracelet at her concert this summer. It didn't work, but Kelce's persistence may have paid off.

After the game, "we just slid off in the getaway car at the end … flying around, breaking all the speed limits," Kelce shares. Watch video of the moment in the Instagram post below.

As for how his mother felt? Pictures captured (see below) did not reflect a warm conversation, but Kelce indicates that his new romantic interest made a good impression.

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"I just thought it was awesome how everybody in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her, the friends and family," he says. "She looked amazing. Everybody was talking about her in a great light and on top of that, you know, the day went perfect for Chiefs fans."

To see the slow motion chest bumps, to see the high fives with mom, to see how Chiefs kingdom was all excited that she was there, that s--t was absolutely hysterical ... And it was definitely a game I’ll remember, that’s for damn sure.

So, we should all tune in to New Heights for all the tea, right? Not so fast.

Kelce says he's going to try to put the genie back in the bottle and won't ever mention her again on the podcast.

"What’s real is that it is my personal life, and I want to respect both of our lives, and she’s not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week," he says.

That may be true, but the Chiefs' next game is against the New York Jets, and Swift has a place in New York City. He may not talk about it, but Swifties surely will for weeks to come.

Sadly, this fun does have an end date of sorts: In November, Swift takes off for Argentina for her international Eras Tour, and after a couple months off for Christmas, she leaves again in February for most of 2024.

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Taylor Swift accepted NFL tight end Travis Kelce's invitation to attend his football game on Sunday (Sept. 24). His Kansas City Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears 41-10 in Kansas City. Swift was remarkably excited when Kelce scored a touchdown to make it 34-0.

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