One thing country music is known for? Drinkin' songs. For some, there's nothing like tipping back a cold one to a tune about tipping back a cold one. For others, a glass of the good stuff is the only way to mend a broken heart or set the tone for one heck of a party.

Despite the genre's ability to craft the perfect "crack a cold one" track, there are several stars who have chosen to abstain from the bottle completely: They've gone sober!

A select few have never touched the stuff, while others have had to initiate a nasty breakup in order to live a better life. Actually, that's most of the artists on our list. Sadly, many have fallen prey to alcohol, and it all but wrecked their lives.

Those artists credit friends, family, bandmates and spouses for staging interventions and encouraging them to get the help they needed. For others, it was a wakeup call moment — like a DUI — that made them realize that drinking was leading them down the path to a person they never wanted to be.

Health is a common factor, too — one star in particular stopped reaching for his drinking glass the moment he found out he was pre-diabetic.

Whatever their reason for living a sober life, each one believes it was the right decision and their lives have gotten better as a result.

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18 Country Artists Who Are Sober

Although country music is known for its raucous drinking songs, several artists have sworn off the stuff completely. Be it a lifestyle change or a life-saving decision, each one of these artists can say that that their lives have changed for the better since giving up the bottle. They are sober and proud.

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