Country boy, shake it for me! Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson have a viral new TikTok dance to go along with their "Thicc as Thieves" duet, and Alaina's enlisting some of country music's top male artists to try their hands at the dance.

On two separate occasions, Blake Shelton and Kane Brown were both a little bewildered by the dance moves, but more than game to give it a try.

Alaina took Brown for a spin during an off-moment before a show, and it was clear that Brown didn't know exactly what the steps to the dance were -- but what he lacked in skill he made up for with a mega-watt smile. The hilarious moment was extra sweet because of Alaina and Brown's long backstory: They've been buddies since their middle school choir days, and they previously collaborated on the Brown-led hit 2016 duet, "What Ifs."

"This guy has had my back since we were kids. I can't believe I got him to do this," Alaina wrote when she shared video of their dance.

Alaina and Shelton are longtime pals, too -- she joined him on his Friends & Heroes Tour in 2020 -- so it's no surprise that she roped him into doing the dance with her on a tour bus. Shelton is just as clueless as Brown about the dance moves, but even more enthusiastic. In fact, he got so caught up in the fun that he went rogue, busting out some hilariously bizarre moves of his own.

Next up to try the dance? Maybe that'll be Luke Bryan, whose hit "Country Girl (Shake it For Me)" gets a hat-tip in "Thicc as Thieves." Bryan gave the song his blessing before Alaina and Wilson released it, and at CMA Fest, he told press that he was "flattered" to have a small part in a song by two stars he admires.

"My biggest thing is, this is a fun song for them. 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' was a fun song for me. It was a fun song for the country girls out there that were shaking it. And their song is a fun song for the girls that got a little somethin' to shake," the singer joked.

If you'd like to learn the dance yourself, check out Wilson and Alaina's original version.

"Thicc as Thieves" comes off the track list of Alaina's new EP, Unlocked.

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