Fan reaction to the closing of Florida Georgia Line's FGL House Nashville bar is complicated and intense.

The two gave up recording and touring together nearly two years ago, and really lost their grip on the mainstream during the pandemic. Still, it's clear the 3rd Ave. Nashville spot held a special place in the heart for many.

Initial social media response was widespread disappointment.

“Devastated,” Kit Lou says on Facebook. “This was my anchor bar on my visit in 2018.”

“This was my fav spot in Nashville, always a party,” Marirose Jenee Berner adds, agreeing.

Florida Georgia Line Celebrate Grand Opening Of FGL HOUSE
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Others like Republican Girl in a Liberal World recognized that without a Florida Georgia Line (they’re broken up, and maybe feuding if you believe Reddit), a Florida Georgia Line-themed bar was untenable.

Several people reported the bar/restaurant as being empty and rundown during a recent visit. Others like Jamie Butler shared they walked by on Friday night (May 3) and it was packed.


Unlike many celebrity-themed downtown Nashville bars, FGL House was a stone's throw off Lower Broadway on 3rd Ave. Several suggested that location spelled doom for the place, but there are many successful bars and restaurants off Broadway, and more (Luke Combs' Category 10, for example) to come.

TC Restaurant Group has not commented on the reason for the closing. They also have licensing deals with Jason AldeanLuke BryanMiranda Lambert and (coming this month) Morgan Wallen.

Reaction to Florida Georgia Line's FGL House Closing

Florida Georgia Line's FGL House closed in Nashville recently. The news stunned fans and haters and both groups shared strong opinions on social media.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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