When it comes to diners in New York, a lot of people think New York City is the spot to find the best of the best. However, if you venture upstate to Syracuse, you'll find a hidden gem that has been named among the best in the entire country.

Stella's Diner via Facebook
Stella's Diner via Facebook

Stella's Diner, a charming Betty Boop-themed restaurant, has been recognized by Taste of Home for its hearty breakfast options, affordable prices, and oversized portions.

Started by three sisters, Stella's Diner has become a spot that attracts visitors from far and wide. The diner's retro aesthetic, inspired by the iconic cartoon character Betty Boop, adds a unique touch to the dining experience. But it's the food that truly steals the show.

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One of the standout features at Stella's is their extensive omelette menu. With nearly 20 different options from which to choose, diners are spoiled for choice. Whether you prefer a classic cheese omelette or want to try something more adventurous like a loaded veggie or breakfast burrito omelette, Stella's has it all. Not only are the omelettes delicious, but they are also known for their generous portions that will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.

Another aspect that sets Stella's apart is its commitment to offering quality food at affordable prices. While many diners in cities like New York charge a premium for their meals, Stella's Diner strives to provide excellent value for their customers. Visitors can enjoy a filling breakfast without breaking the bank, making it a popular spot for students, families, and anyone looking for a satisfying meal without the high price tag.

So, next time you find yourself in Syracuse, make sure to pay a visit to Stella's Diner. Whether you're a local looking for a delicious breakfast or a traveler seeking an authentic dining experience, Stella's will not disappoint.

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