Dierks Bentley has been a huge force in country music for more than two decades. One thing about Bentley, he is one of the humblest, kindest and most self-aware people that there is.

During my latest interview with Bentley, on Taste of Country Nights On Demand, he shared a great story about Taylor Swift.

"You know, I've known Taylor a long time," Bentley said. "I think I met her, she was 12 or 13 and just moved to town."

Once the wheels started turning in Bentley's head, he lit up and said, "Here's a funny story. I had just finished a tour and I was at my house on Sunday night, just off the road, exhausted. This is probably 2016 or '17. We wanted to go see Taylor Swift, because I have two young daughters, and we love Taylor, too."

Bentley explained that he looked up when and where she was playing and saw she had a show coming up in Nashville. He thought the Nashville show was going to be too crowded, and saw she was playing in Kansas City the following night. But his family was very tired from just ending a tour.

Bentley continued, "I thought maybe we should check in with her manager. So I texted Tree and two minutes later, I get a text back from Tree saying, 'Yeah, Taylor wants you to come, and she wants to sing a song with you.'"

The "American Girl" singer recalled looking over at his wife and saying, "Well, looks like we're going to Kansas City." To which she replied, "Well, I'm not even sure I want to go, I'm so tired."

Bentley then said to his wife:

"Oh, we're going now! Taylor wants us, I'm singing with Taylor." So, long story short, here I am on stage with Taylor for the sound check.

Bentley recalled that while he was on stage with Swift at the sound check, she asked him what color he wanted the crowd's bracelets to light up when he sang "Every Mile a Memory."

Bentley told Taylor, "I think I want red." He said Swift looked at him like in Star Wars, when they say, "These aren't the droids you're looking for," and said, "I think you want white."

Bentley then swiftly replied, saying, "You're right, I do want white." And she said, "White will pop."

Bentley ended the story by saying how Swift is so in control, in a good way. She is so thought out, and she wanted him to have his best moment up there.

Bentley's daughters asked him recently if they could go to Swift's Eras Tour, to which Bentley replied, "That was a long time ago, she's moved on."

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