To most, Dierks Bentley is known for his music, including more than a dozen hit songs. But he also has a side hustle: Driving instructor.

During a recent visit to the Taste of Country Nights studio, the 48-year-old father of three detailed the hilarious journey he's been on lately teaching one of his daughters to drive. Evie is 15 this year.

The "Gold" singer indicates it's not going as well as he would like.

"I would like someone to go on Shark Tank and invent some sort of, like, temporary brake you can establish on the right side of the car," Bentley says.

"Or like those old airplanes, the yoke, you can throw it over on both sides," he says, flashing his pilot's knowledge.

Of course, anyone who has taken a Driver's Ed course knows Bentley's idea already exists — a device which gives power to the passenger/instructor in an emergency — but it speaks to the stress he's been under teaching his oldest how to operate a vehicle.

"Sometimes it's not bad, then all of a sudden you find yourself on a road that you never thought was dangerous before," the star jokes. "Now that you're sitting on the passenger side and she's missing every mailbox by, like, that much, and there's ditches you never seen before on the sides of the road."

"So, it's still just as scary."

It won't be long now before Evie is officially on the open road alone — and then Bentley will have to teach the next two, Jordan and Knox, to drive.

"I have about six more months before she has her license, so we have to keep working on it," he shares. "But that is a major rite of passage when your daughter or son starts driving you around."

Keep an eye out for a white-knuckled Dierks Bentley in a passenger seat near you.

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