Since 2020, it seems like many of us have become hyper cautious about food safety and sanitation. I mean, remember when we would use clorox wipes to clean our paper towel and toilet paper packages before using them? Those were strange times. 

However, there are still some lasting effects from the infamous year, and one of the things that Americans have paid more attention to over the years is food safety and the cleanliness of a restaurant or store. 

And have you ever noticed that some food workers choose to not wear a hair net? It seems like something that should be against the law, but turns out, the food workers may not be doing anything wrong. 

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According to the N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. Title 9 § 7419.5, “residents assigned to work in areas where food is stored, prepared, or otherwise handled shall be required to wear a hairnet or other head covering. 

The official New York website outlines what those “other head coverings” can include. Title: Section 14-1.72 states that, “All persons within a food service establishment…are to use hats, caps or hair nets as restraints to minimize hair contact with hands.”

These health codes indicate that while a hair net might not be required, some kind of hair covering is mandated. Hats and caps serve as a valid alternative. 

Next time you walk into a dine-in area for food service, you might not see anyone wearing a hair net. As long as they have a hair covering on their head, then most food service workers are in the clear. 

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