Gas prices are on the decline, but are prices as low as they should be?

Many people do not think so. 

The average price of gasoline per gallon is $4.51 in the Buffalo - Niagara Falls area, down 40 cents from 6 weeks ago. That matches the New York state average as well, but some gas stations in Western New York have seen some prices that are below that.

However, they may not be as low as they “should be.”

One gas station in Tampa, Florida is having an hour-long special to show what the price of gas should be, according to residents of the city.

One Florida news report confirmed that the Flatwoods Marathon gas station in Tampa will hold an hour-long sale on Monday afternoon, where drivers can purchase regular gas for only $2.38 per gallon.  

In Florida, the average cost of gas has dropped nearly a dollar per gallon in the last 6 weeks.

One contributing factor to the current price of gas, being what it is, has to do with crude oil more than anything. 

While gas will not be that low in Western New York, you will see the lowest price per gallon at the reservations, with the one in Irving being reported as $3.81/gallon. 

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