Those are words I should probably heed myself, but that's another story. This one's about the one of Endicott's own famous Jones Brothers, Chandler Jones.

Chandler is the youngest of the very talented brothers, including Arthur and Jon. Chandler is currently a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. He was a standout football player with the Union-Endicott Tigers, Syracuse University Orange and continues to have an amazing professional football career.

What you may not know, Chandler left Syracuse University in 2011 just shy of graduating by one class. According to, Chandler decided it was time to go back and get his degree. The article states that a couple of years ago, he began thinking about the logistics of completing his studies working around a busy schedule. reports that things fell into place and this past January, he began the final online class. Chandler recently finished the class and on May 9th, earned his college degree.

We congratulate Chandler, and it is a testament that if a person is interested to pick back up and complete their college studies, it's never too late to accomplish that. It got me to thinking that maybe I could or should. I went to a community college for three years, (yes, I know typically they are two year colleges) but I never did graduate.

I blame it on the fact that the college had a radio station on campus, and I spent more time there than in class. Yep, I know, it's not the fault of the radio station, it was all my fault for skipping class time and time again. But, I can always decide to take courses on campus again or online and complete my degree.

Although I think I would have a lot of courses to go through, and not sure if any of the few credits I did earn are good anymore, the feeling of earning that degree would be awesome.


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