Hey listen up, did you know that the first full week in March is Listening Awareness Week? Hello....HELLO, I'm talking here!

There was a conversation that Traci and I had about how men and women have a tendency to tune each other out. Men have the ability to pick and choose keywords in a conversation...food, sports, loving.

Women seem to have the ability to find the one thing we say wrong and remind us of it over and over again....for the rest of our lives. As a man, I want to help the women know when we aren't listening. Okay, you probably already know when but let me try and help anyway.

We are not listening when:

You're talking about ballet (you may think it's a sport but most men don't), when the waiter just brought our food or when you tell us about your girlfriend's problems. Also when sports is on TV....alright if anything is on TV.

Here's the bottom line: 

As a man, I know that we must listen AND love you a lot but it doesn't always turn out that way. There seems to be a disconnect. Men place loving ahead of listening and it seems to be the opposite for the ladies.

Pride and priorities get in the way and no one gets what they want. You go to a couples psychiatrist and still no one listens. So now you're aware so what's next?

Happy Listening Awareness Week.

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