This really isn’t fantastic news for people who, oh I don’t know, work for a living.  Apparently the NFL is looking to make Thursday the new Sunday.

The NFL league is reportedly meeting with TV executives about exploring the idea of pulling more games from Sunday afternoon and moving them to Thursday night, almost like a Thursday night double-header with the first game played on the East Coast and the later game played on the West Coast.

According to sources, the NFL thinks more Thursday games could generate more national interest, even though the players would absolutely hate it (and so would people who have to be to work Friday morning!).  Rumor has it the players already don’t like having to play on Thursday, just four days after they played the previous Sunday and a lot of critics don’t like Thursday night games because a lot of times the games are sloppy because the players didn’t get enough rest.

The NFL is going to do what the NFL is going to do though and there’s nothing we can do but sit back and wait to see what happens. However, I think that if the NFL is considering moving games to Thursday they should at least consider moving the Super Bowl to Saturday so that we'd have Sunday to recover.