Now you're Zoom calls can be a little bit more interesting! You can now invite a farm animal into your Zoom meeting for only $65. A farm has thought of a way to break up the monotony of every day webcam calls.

The animal sanctuary is called Sweet Farm and for less than $100 you can receive a video chat from a goat, pig, sheep, cow, llama or any other farm animal. The project is called Goat 2 Meeting, and has already had more than 300 request since it began in mid-March.

For $65, the farm animal of your choice will make their grand entrance into your call and stay for 10 minutes. According to New York Post, you can also get a 25 minute virtual tour of the entire farm for $250. This is a perfect opportunity to take classes on virtual field trips while they are learning from home

With millions of people on lockdown, those in quarantine are always looking for new ways to bring some joy and laughter into their lives.

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