I'm ready for the winter driving season. Are you? Well, I'm almost ready. I have yet to have winter tires installed on my van, but I had new windshield wipers installed, oil and filter changed, topped off all my other engine fluids, and for the comfort of my back and butt, I had my driver's side seat equipped with heat. Wow, what a difference that makes.

My wife's car is all set. I had the same things done for her cars, minus the heated seats since they already are equipped, and I had a good set of winter tires installed as well, so she's ready for whatever winter throws at us. Now, I need to find a good place to store her summer tires, which means I'll probably have to clean out all the junk in my shed to make room for them since they need to be protected over the winter season.

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I was checking out the National Weather Service Binghamton Facebook page recently, and they have suggestions of what types of items you should have equipped in your vehicle to be prepared for whatever winter weather conditions offer over the next few months in addition to any emergency type situation you may encounter.

Some of the items include a mobile phone charger, snacks, blanket, flares, sand or kitty litter, tow rope, first aid kit, and flashlight. Also, check your fluids and tire pressure as well. underinflated tires could present issues driving on snow and ice.

Check out the complete list below and a short video for items to have in your vehicle this winter season. Better to be as safe as possible.

via National Weather Service Binghamton

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