I can't believe that it's been 13 years ago this month (November 7th to be exact) that I lost one of my best friends, John Priestner. He gave his life doing what he loved and what he thought was right. We lost John way too soon.

He was piloting an Apache helicopter in Iraq in November of 2006. He was a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and deployed for Iraq on July 22, 2006, to serve during Iraqi Freedom. To read more about his story go here.

A book was written called, "Unremarried Widow." A woman by the name of Artis Henderson wrote it about her husband, Miles. Miles was in the helicopter with John when it went down. Find out more about that story here.

John, you made me laugh all the time. Getting busted with firecrackers on our senior trip to Six Flags, I'm glad my Dad was with us and not yours. Skipping school to go crow hunting in the back of the yellow truck. Why would we walk, when we can just shoot out of the truck bed? Try doing that now.

Being a part of your wedding day was a true honor. It also was a special honor speaking at your memorial but I'd rather be speaking to you on Facebook.

You meant a lot to me and to many others and you still do. THANK YOU for being a friend and THANK YOU for serving our country.

God Bless You, John Priestner. Who are you honoring today?

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