There are two types of people in the world.

Ones that scramble to get their tax documents and find someone to help them do theme days before they are due.

And then there are the people that want their money FIRST. Right out of the gate, they meet with their accountant on day #1 and hope that in no time they will get their money back from the state and the IRS.

Well, it is 2021 and nothing is going smooth.

If you have not gotten your refund yet, you are not alone because there are tons of people who have said that they have not received theirs yet and have been flagged by the IRS. The reason that people have not gotten their money is because the IRS is worried about fraud. A lot of people thought it was because they are getting audited, but that is not the case. According to WIVB:

“There’s so many scams at this point in time that they see this and they’re scared to pick up the phone and call,” said tax preparer Dan Thomas, an IRS Enrolled Agent.


But as Thomas explains, the “5071-C” letter really is from the government. Keep in mind, this notice will only come as a letter. It will not come as email or text.


While the letter is not an audit, it does require your immediate attention if you want your tax refund.

You're going to have to call or go online and answer some questions in order to get your money going and to your house.

It is a pain. You know how it goes, when you need them they are impossible to get a hold of, but when they need you, they need you right away.

If you do get held up and you want to verify you identity online, here is the link for you.

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