Hunter Hayes just earned himself another gold star with the ladies. The 'Wanted' singer has rescued a dog, and an awesome one at that!

Hayes got in front of the camera to properly introduce his new best friend -- a racing dog named Cole -- via a YouTube video. Cole was adopted from Greyhound Pets of America's Nashville location.

"This is Cole," Hayes says as Cole lays behind him on a couch. "He's a retired racing Greyhound. He's awesome. He runs really fast -- really fast."

To give everyone an idea of just how much hustle his buddy has, the singer included a video clip which shows Cole in action racing around the backyard, first in full speed, and then in slow motion.

Cole is retired from racing now, but he clearly still loves it. "He's got incredible sight," the proud new dog owner shares. "He's incredibly patient and he's really mellow. He's a good boy."

It's obvious Hayes is already wrapped around Cole's furry paw. The clip finds the singer gushing about his dog's many great qualities, including one that comes out when Cole is really happy.

"He's got this thing he does when he's excited, he chatters ... He's awesome," Hayes says. "He's our new bus dog. I don't know if the band knows that yet, but here's our announcement. There you go. Now the band knows."

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