Everything that has happened to us in the last couple of years has pretty much turned our brains to mush. It's pretty embarrassing that we have forgotten so many of the things that we used to know.

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Of course, technology has a lot to blame for our forgetfulness but stress in our lives plays a big part of it too. To help us get our brains back to where they need to be, Solitaired.com conducted a national history test.

The results revealed some interesting things especially when it comes to New Yorkers and our knowledge of our state's history. It isn't really as bad as we were expecting that it would be.

How Well Do New York Residents Know Their States History

Believe it or not, 69%, New Yorkers scored really well with their knowledge of Empire State history, making their high school history teachers proud. Out of 3,844 people who took the Solitaired history test, New Yorkers did really well with over two-thirds (69%) answering correctly.

This shows that we really do know about the Empire State's history. The national average was 57% so New Yorkers know their stuff.

One question from the quiz was, "In what year did the Dutch settle along the Hudson River, NY?" The answer options were 1) 1624, 2) 1578, and 3) 1500. The correct answer is 1624 and most New Yorkers who took the survey knew this answer.

The test results also showed how well other states know their state’s history. Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Hawaii residents did very well with a 77% pass rate. On the other hand, only 21% of Californians passed the quiz about their own state.

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Many military engagements and wars took place in Upstate New York. Today we have many military sites to visit and relive history at.

This list is of eleven military historic sites, some big and some very small, but all played a part in keeping the flame of freedom burring for our country. While certain places, like West Point or the Saratoga Battlefield, are known to all Americans, it is the smaller places that hold maybe just a short chapter of American military history that I like best.

Maybe a ship, or a museum, or a battlefield. There is a wide range of places on this list and all offer up a great deal of interesting information for the history buff.

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